What happens in a dramatherapy session?

Both group and individual sessions begin with an opening ritual and check in. This leads onto a warm up of the body and then creative work taking as its focus, themes and issues that may have come up in the moment or that are ongoing and sometimes people prefer to work with a theme over several weeks. Every session is led by what the individual's needs are and can include some or all of the following depending on the person:

  • Exploration of images and objects.
  • Storytelling, and/or enactment.
  • Craft or artwork.
  • Music and movement.
  • Play, drama games and other imaginative activities
  • Puppetry and masks.
  • Poetry and writing.
  • Improvisation and role-plays.
  • Verbal reflection.
  • At the end of the creative work there is time for verbal reflection.

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